A warm welcome to our new corporate club member – MOECO Mitsui Oil Exploration

IGA´s global network of #geothermal leaders keeps on growing! We are delighted to welcome MOECO Mitsui Oil Exploration Co., Ltd. as our new corporate club member.

Founded by 17 companies under Mitsui group, MOECO is working to secure a long-term and stable supply of energy. Since its establishment, MOECO has been continually devoted to the exploration, development and production of energy resources globally.

In 2012, MOECO resolved to embark on the development of geothermal energy. As they seek to engage in developing geothermal as a renewable energy source, they are drawing on their long history of experience and knowledge gained from oil and natural gas development. They are now generating geothermal power electricity at Matsuo-Hachimantai, and conducting a cooperative resource survey aiming at commercialization of geothermal energy in differnet areas.

For more infrmation visit: https://www.moeco.com/