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Ethiopian Geothermal Association is a local organization established in accordance with the Civil Soviety Proclamation of the Federal Republic of Ethiopia and has been registered and accorded legal personality on September, 2019.

It is a member of the IGA and IGA East Africa Branch.

The main objectives of the Association are:

  • Enhance the role of geothermal, in energy contribution in the country
  • Advise the countrie’s energy sector in geothermal issues
  • Promote and support  geothermal professionals in research and development
  • Establish standards in geothermal exploration and development activities
  • Enhance the geothermal knowledge of its members through discussions and workshops
  • Develop strategies to attract professionals in geothermal field of studies
  • Collaborate with other civil societies, organizations and companies in the implementation of joint seminars, researches, symposiums and workshops
  • Promote the versatile use of geothermal energy in the country.