Prijandaru Effendi

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INAGA is a scientific, educational and cultural, non-profit, non-governmental and non-political organization to promote geothermal in Indonesia.

Some of its objectives are:

  • to drive a closer cooperation with the government, PLN and developers as well as financial institutions in order to accelerate geothermal development;
  • to enhance the support from all levels of government and the related community through education of institutions, government departments, and public in order to increase the knowledge about the positive values and geothermal contribution to support the national energy needs as well as to produce clean energy;
  • to drive geothermal technology development through a cooperation with the government, educational institutions, and geothermal developers so to create and implement the education activities and trainings including the implementation of the Annual Scientific Gathering/Indonesia International Convention and Exhibition, Seminars and Workshops as well as to strengthen the international cooperation in the geothermal field;
  • to assist the government in completing the regulations in the geothermal sector, particularly the issues related with the working area tendering, electricity tariff, fiscal policy, utilization of the forest area etc.;
  • to assist the government in promoting the geothermal potential in Indonesia to both domestic and international investors;
  • to establish and strengthen the working relationship with the professional organizations on the domestic as well as on the international levels.