Interview with Bob Harskamp

Tell us about yourself.

My name is Bob Harskamp and I am Business Development Manager at Well Engineering Partners. As Well Engineering Experts we help energy operators connect to the earths’ potential.

What makes Geothermal so great?

Geothermal energy is available everywhere beneath our feet, although only some resources are profitably exploitable. We have the data, knowledge, and intelligence to select the most profitable locations and make it reality. During the current global energy transition system integration with other energy sources (renewable and even hydrocarbons) is required, however geothermal energy has a massive potential with a small footprint on land to meet the base load renewable energy demand (as opposed to other renewables such as wind and solar). Utilizing geothermal energy does not involve volatile price fluctuations, which means stable electricity prices and this results in economic and social stability. In other words: Geothermal energy has the power to make our earth more beautiful and a better place by using its own potential.

What makes IGA so great?

The International Geothermal Association is the leading global authority and entity to represent our geothermal community to support, to promote, to educate, to connect, to inspire the world to use geothermal energy. Our community is convinced that geothermal energy can serve as a bridge towards a sustainable future an,d the IGA is the best platform to accelerate this process, to support organisations, countries, and regions with standards and solutions for their geothermal development. Geothermal energy has the power to make the earth a better place. IGA has the power to give geothermal energy a significant part in the renewable energy mix.