Interview with Diego Morata

Tell us about yourself.

My name is Diego Morata and I am the director of Centro de Excelencia en Geotermia de los Andes (CEGA) in Santiago, Chile. In English version it is called Andean Geothermal Center of Excellence (CEGA).

What makes Geothermal so great?

Geothermal energy could be the solution for energy supply in many countries. The possibility to use this type of energy, both for electricity generation and directly for heating/cooling, makes this natural resource a unique energy source available in all countries. Geothermal could reduce environmental problems in megacities (district heating) and could favor new approach for food production. Geothermal provide 24 hours of clean electricity, seven days per week, close to 365 days per year. Geothermal could consequently provide base load energy and even could promote local energy consumption using medium size power plant.

In the case of Chile, we have no local fuels and we suffer from heavy pollution in most of ours principal cities. Also, Chile has the greatest untapped geothermal potential in the world. So, why choose geothermal? Because it offers a solution to a near future energy crisis and can clean our cities by replacing woodfire – the major heating product used in Chile – with geothermal direct use.

What makes IGA so great?

Countries who have developed or want to develop geothermal energy, face similar challenges. IGA is the perfect platform to develop an international umbrella aimed at development and promotion of geothermal energy around the world, a network to share experiences. Geothermal community is a small family, and IGA is the best place to meet with partners around the world to offer joint solutions to our development requirements.

IGA has even constituted an international training program, developing short courses around the world and allowing capacity building at different levels for the better development of geothermal energy in our societies.