Interview with Jane Brotheridge

Tell us about yourself.

My name is Jane Brotheridge and I am a senior geothermal scientist with consulting firm Jacobs. Although I am based in New Zealand, my work takes me to some interesting places around the world and am so lucky to meet many fascinating geothermal people too.

What makes Geothermal so great?

I love the diversity of geothermal, every field is unique and presents its own unique challenges and opportunities. For so many regions of the world it offers the chance to help them develop a low carbon economy and reduce their dependence on fossil fuels. It also brings together many disciplines, not just scientists and engineers but regulators, environmentalists, community workers, NGOs and many government agencies. It’s a team and community effort to develop geothermal projects and I’m fortunate to work with a wide range of people with a range of skills and interesting backgrounds.

What makes IGA so great?

Again, it comes from diversity but all having similar goals and aspirations – letting the world know about geothermal and what it can offer. From bathing in natural spas, to heating homes, to processing milk to powering our cities.

The IGA wants to promote and grow geothermal, and help and guide where we can. It’s committed to a sustainable future for our planet and offers the opportunity for anyone to become involved.