IGA Asia Western Pacific Regional Branch cordially invites you to a webinar titled “Is mineral recovery the future of the geothermal industry?” that takes place on 9 July 2021, 15:00 – 15:30 (NZT).

The presentation will cover the journey from to commercialisation of Geo40’s silica recovery technology. This includes the challenges of developing a mineral recovery process in a geothermal environment and the opportunities it presents for the geothermal operators. It will also touch on the market for recovered silica and how it could have a major positive impact on the environment.

The participation is free of charge! Register here: https://www.xperto.ph/event/awprbwebinar

The New Zealand Geothermal Workshop is proud to announce that the 43rd Geothermal Workshop will take place in Wellington at the Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa from 23-25th November 2021.

We will continue to closely monitor the COVID-19 situation in regards to government alert levels and public health safety. As we receive further clarity surrounding what the second half of the year will look like we expect to respond by tailoring the delivery of the Workshop accordingly, which may include the possibility of date or format changes. As planning continues we will communicate all updates via email and website notices on www.geothermalwokshop.co.nz

In collaboration with the COP26 Climate Champions team and SME Climate Hub, a group of renewable industry associations (Global Wind Energy Council, Global Solar Council, International Geothermal Association and International Hydropower Association) is supporting renewable small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to join the UN Race to Zero campaign!

The SME Climate Hub, an initiative of the International Chamber of Commerce, the Exponential Roadmap Initiative, the We Mean Business coalition and the UN Race to Zero campaign, is a pioneering platform that aims to streamline the path for SMEs to become climate-resilient businesses and help green solutions get to market.

The SME Climate Hub will allow your small business to:

  • Make an internationally recognised climate commitment that meets the UN net zero criteria;
  • Access practical tools and resources to help you future-proof your business; and
  • Benefit from incentives with commercial value.

Who should join this workshop?

  • SMEs of less than 500 employees globally in the wind, solar and renewables sector
  • SMEs interested in making a net-zero commitment, and seeking further resources and support
  • SMEs intent on making a net-zero commitment, and seeking to maximise visibility and
    communications opportunities

Please register here by Monday 17 May 2021. We are looking forward to engaging with you at this workshop in May, and accelerating the Race to Zero as a renewables sector.

The second virtual event of the World Geothermal Congress – Geosciences takes place on 11-12 May 2021.

Join us live and learn more about new trends and innovations in geology, geophysics, geochemistry, hydrogeology, exploration, resource assessment and other topics.

Join the event now: www.wgc2020.com

The first virtual event of the World Geothermal Congress takes place today – 13 April 2021.

Join the event now: www.wgc2020.com

German Geothermal Association (BVG) starts Call for Papers for the Geothermal Congress taking place 30 November – 2 December 2021 in Essen, Germany.

Planning for this year’s congress edition is already in full swing. There will be thematic diversity in 2021: in addition to the cross-cutting topics of sector coupling, legal framework conditions for the heat transition, heat pumps, and heat grids and
storage, there will also be specific focal points for deep and near-surface geothermal energy.

For deep geothermal energy, the focus will be on exploration, material use, medium-depth geothermal energy, and the complex of reservoir development and management. In the area of near-surface geothermal energy, concepts for cost reduction and measures to increase efficiency will be covered, as will cold local heating networks and neighborhood concepts, as well as quality assurance and groundwater protection. In addition, other scientific topics on geothermal energy can also be submitted.

With a call for papers, the German Geothermal Association invites interested scientists and projects to present their current scientific findings at the DGK. Young scientists are also invited to participate in the “Science Bar”. This poster competition offers the opportunity to present bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral theses on the topic of geothermal energy to a broad professional audience. The best presentation will be awarded the Young Scientist Award of the Bundesverband Geothermie e.V. (German Geothermal Association).

More information could be found here: https://www.der-geothermiekongress.de/index.php?id=3009&L=1.

To all our friends in the global geothermal community and those looking forward to join us.

These have been interesting and challenging times for all of us around the world and with the dawn of a new spring (or autumn), it is time to look forward  to an exciting decade for geothermal and the World Geothermal Congress 2020+1. Planned since 2014, we are now finally ready to go.

The kick-off event with a high-profile line-up of speakers and details to be shared about the World Congress events and logistics provide a great opportunity to prepare for an exciting 7 months of all things geothermal.

So join us on Tuesday, March 30, 2021 – 15:00 to 17:00 UTC for the live stream for the virtual official kick-off of the World Geothermal Congress 2020+1. A recording will be available afterwards. We have secured a great line up of speakers!

„We are wonderfully excited to be finally able kicking-off the World Geothermal  Congress 2020, and are very much looking forward to have you with us for this event and the exciting events planned.“, Hidda Thorsteinsson, Managing Director Research and Innovation, Reykjavik Energy.

For more details visit our website wgc2020.com.

„We have been hard  at work in the recent weeks and months and launched a new website for the congress. There you will find all details related to the new format of the event, including the extensive agenda of the program, details on the set-up, speakers, social program and all the things that make the World Geothermal Congress the great meeting venue for the global geothermal community. We hope to engage with you all in the coming months and see you in Reykjavik in October.“, Dr. Bjarni Pálsson, Chairman of the WGC2020 Organising Committee and Head of Geothermal, Landsvirkjun.

With the challenges of these times, a large part of the program has been moved into an extensive virtual event series of five fully packed days of presentations and discussions. This set-up creates a complete new experience and value, given that all 1,800+ presentations will be available online for a minimum of 12 months. Never before have we had this level of access to the state of knowledge, experience and history of geothermal development, technology, social aspects, and so much more. This format allows all participants to access all program aspects like never before, given the traditionally set up of parallel sessions of the technical programs at the World Geothermal Congress events.

The virtual event series is split into five long-day events, under the following themes: general, geoscience(in two parts), engineering, and cross-cutting. They will feature around 200 video presentations each, followed by live moderated Q&A discussions after each session. The events will take place within a dedicated conference platform, which we will introduce in a tutorial on the congress website. The dates for event are April 13, May 11-12, June 15, July 6, 2021.

The onsite event will then be held as planned in Reykjavik October 24-27, 2021, but major parts of the events of the onsite congress will be streamed and made available for those that cannot travel. 

The event now provides the best of both worlds, in this „+1“ approach and an increased value given the unparalleled access to the entire technical program, as well as key elements of the onsite event in Reykjavik in October.

The entire experience for the event is sold as one package with one ticket given access to all elements of the congress both virtual and onsite. We have chosen to keep pricing in place as is, despite the challenges and increased costs in the approach chosen now. Our target was to guarantee the best access, visibility and value for speakers, participating companies and stakeholders.  Registration is open.

The event in Reykjavik will allow for all the traditional elements of a World Geothermal Congress. The Exhibition at the conference vene Harpa will continue to provide a great opportunity to showcase your company‘s offering to the geothermal world. The virtual platform will also allow for a virtual representation of your company both as sponsor and exhibitor. Details  can be found on wgc2020.com.

The value of WGC2020+1 is further increased with the fantastic and unique opportunity to experience all things geothermal in Iceland within just a short-drive from Harpa Conference Centre. Field trips & excursions on offer provide the opportunity to experience first hand geothermal energy utilization for power generation, district heating, direct use, and even soak in one of the many outdoor swimming pools and spas in and around Reykjavik.

We would like to thank the continued support of our main sponsors, partners and stakeholders around the world, in particular Ormat Technologies as Platinum sponsor, as well as the Icelandic energy companies, HS Orka, Landsvirkjun, and Reykjavik Energy.

Ten Years After Fukushima – Renewables are Ready to Deliver a Renewable World 

#WWEAwebinar on Wednesday, 10 March 2021 | 13:00-14:30 h Central European Time 

In collaboration with Energy Watch Group, Global100RE Platform, Global 100RE Strategy Group, International Geothermal Association, World Bioenergy Association 

This months marks the tenth anniversary of the nuclear accident near Fukushima. This anniversary reminds us of the importance of converting the world’s energy supply entirely to renewable energy. Renewables are not only available in abundance, but they are affordable and accessible for all human beings on our planet, without major negative environmental impacts but with great socio-economic benefits.    Accordingly, under the title of Ten Years After Fukushima – Renewables are Ready to Deliver a Renewable World, the webinar will focus on the trends and opportunities for how wind, solar, bioenergy, geothermal and hydropower technologies can work together to create a post-pandemic renewable world. Tetsunari Iida from ISEP Japan will highlight the progress Japan has made in deploying renewable energy. How to upscale renewable energy and achieve 100% renewables globally will be presented by another leading expert, Mr Hans-Josef Fell. Speakers representing wind power and other renewable technologies will present how renewables working together can support scaling up climate action and accelerating access to clean, safe, reliable, and affordable energy for all.

Speakers will include: 
Dr. Tetsunari Iida, ISEP Japan
Hans-Josef Fell, Energy Watch Group/Global100RE Strategy Group
Dr. Marit Brommer, International Geothermal Association IGA
Christian Rakos, World Bioenergy Association WBA
Hon. Peter Rae AO, World Wind Energy Association/REN Alliance 
Stefan Gsänger, World Wind Energy Association 

Registration link: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZAvdu2trj4tHtH8ugpFvr5pMzmbB9cqkuct 

Ever since the World Geothermal Congress 2020 was postponed last spring, the WGC Organising Committee has been working hard planning a congress in May 2021. However, it has become clear that May this year is not possible either.

In light of this, the Organising Committee has adapted WGC to the new situation we are all facing, while still guaranteeing that WGC 2020 will be an outstanding world class event, where Iceland’s knowledge and experience in harnessing geothermal will be at the forefront.

The outcome is World Geothermal Congress 2020+1, a series of monthly virtual events, where over 2,000 papers will be presented, giving the audience to interact with their respective authors and presenters. The highlight of WGC 2020+1 will be a three-day on-site/ hybrid conference in Harpa Conference Centre in Reykjavik, Iceland on 24-27 October 2021, this highlight event will be streamed on-line giving all those of our community that cannot still travel a chance to join the action.

What was planned as a geothermal week in Reykjavik in 2020 will in effect become a geothermal semester, stretching from the virtual opening on March 30 towards the end of October 2021.

The on-site in person event in Reykjavik will be the high point of WGC 2020+1. Turning a spotlight to all the highlights, industry leaders will convene in Harpa Conference Centre to discuss the most outstanding papers, the biggest challenges facing geothermal today and of course, how geothermal can improve its competitiveness and relevance, all the while contributing towards a sustainable and carbon neutral future of energy.

We would like to thank all those registered and especially the sponsors & exhibitors for keeping their commitments with us throughout these uncertain past months. Without them there would have been no WGC 2020+1.

It has been a long and hard journey but we cannot wait to welcome you, on-line and on-site!

More information here.

You can now download the Summary Report for the Global Renewable Energy Forum (GREF) 2020. It includes such topics as accelerating renewable energy action and the future of green hydrogen.

GREF 2020 was organized by the Embassy of the Republic of Korea, Bonn Office in cooperation with the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), and the UN Climate Change Secretariat (UNFCCC) as an online conference on September 24, 2020. (Read report)