We are very pleased to announce the official collaboration between the IGA and the Project “Geothermal Heat Utilization for Industrial Processes in the SICA member countries”, implemented by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH on behalf of the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).

The collaboration mainly aims at examining and strengthening geothermal direct use activities in the eight member countries of the Central American Integration System (SICA). The joint activities in the next three years will focus on the establishment of a strong regional network, knowledge transfer and capacity building. Last but not least the implementation of demonstrative projects is the main focal point and helps significantly to bring new, efficient and innovative technologies to Central American industries and agriculture companies.

IGA Executive Director Marit Brommer upon signing the MoU with GIZ:
“On behalf of the IGA I am very pleased and excited signing the MoU between IGA and the GIZ-Project. We are embarking on the next steps for future collaboration in the Central American Region to drive geothermal entrepreneurship, create growth and plan for action on the ground. The network and intrinsic knowledge of the IGA combined with the geothermal development project of the GIZ and partners is the recipe for success, and we are looking forward making a difference for the local communities, businesses and our members.”

GIZ Project Manager Ana Lucia Alfaro said:
“Contributing to sustainable development in SICA member countries (Central America and Dominican Republic) and supporting the emission reductions through geothermal energy direct uses are part of our commitments. Today we celebrate bringing in important partners like IGA, this will enforce the benefits for the region.”

We are happy to embark on this journey together with strong partners, supporting and helping each other in our mission to contribute to the carbon free future and mitigate the climate change by highlighting the benefits of the geothermal energy source and direct uses.

Are you interested in expanding #geothermal food and agriculture markets? Are you a business or project developer located in Europe, willing to expand your business sector or bring your project idea to Central or South America?

The IGA is reaching out to all companies and business owners currently working in the geothermal food and agriculture industry. If you produce food and agricultural products with geothermal energy and interested in market expansion and capacity building – reach out to us now.

Main criteria for your business:

  • Location: EU or EFTA member country
  • Company profile: min. annual turnover: 800.000 EUR and min. number of employees: 8
  • Goal & outcome: opportunity to become the IGA partner in a project aimed at market development of the geothermal agriculture and food sector; contribution to SDGs; sustainable development and contrbution to the geothermal food value chain

All interested should reach out to margaret@lovegeothermal.org with the subject line “Sustainble Business Initiatives” no later than 12 November 2020. Please, send us your company profile highliting your main activities and contribution to SDGs as well as reasons motivating you to work with the IGA.