Clean Energy Industries Form Alliance to Address Climate Emergency and Drive Sustainable Development

Renewable organisations join forces to ensure an accelerated energy transition

15 November, Sharm El-Sheikh. Global industry organisations representing Wind, Solar, Hydropower, Green Hydrogen, Long Duration Energy Storage and Geothermal energy industries officially joined forces today under one Global Renewables Alliance, with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding at COP27.

In an unprecedented alliance, all the technologies required for the energy transition are coming together in order to ensure an accelerated energy transition, ensure that targets are met, and to ensure that vital coordination and planning takes place.

The alliance also aims to position renewable energy as a pillar of sustainable development and economic growth, particularly in the global south.

According to the International Renewable Energy Agency, many terawatts of installed renewable
energy capacity will be needed by 2050 in order to meet global climate targets.

Recent reports from the United Nations highlight a growing gap between global climate targets and implementation of the energy transition on the ground and in the oceans. The reports paint a bleak picture for our planet if action is not taken to speed up renewable energy deployment.

The Global Renewables Alliance will use the collective weight of its member technologies to overcome the challenges affecting the global energy transition and increase the share of voice for renewables where fossil fuels are still disproportionately present.

Speaking with a single voice representing all key renewable energy technologies will serve to accelerate the energy transition through collective efforts on advocacy, education, market intelligence and data and engagement with international energy, economic and environmental institutions.

Ben Backwell, GWEC CEO added: “Massive deployment of renewable energy is the critical element in the battle against climate change and countries will need all of the key technologies represented by this alliance in order to be successful, and it is important that we take a collaborative approach and work together as technologies to help governments and communities achieve the just energy transition to ensure a sustainable and prosperous future.”

Gianni Chianetta, Global Solar Council CEO said: “The birth of this Alliance represents a significant step towards a faster and more inclusive transition to clean energy, not only to decarbonize the power sector, but also for broaden electrification of our economies and to unlock important socio-economic benefits. We face new challenges as massive deployment of renewables has to take place, and a clean, diversified energy mix is the only way to transform those into opportunities, fully susbtitue fossil fuels, and reach 100% renewable power. Together, we make our voices stronger.”

Eddie Rich, International Hydropower Association CEO commented: “No single energy source can reach net zero alone. Renewables must work together to supercharge the clean energy transition and to limit further, devastating temperature rises. IHA is delighted to join this Alliance to raise awareness about why total decarbonisation is necessary and possible, and to work with the entire renewables family to deliver smart, efficient energy for the future.”

Jonas Moberg, Green Hydrogen Organisation CEO: “Green hydrogen is needed to replace fossil fuels. The question is when. Key is the massive expansion of renewable capacity. Our future depends on our Alliance.”

Julia Souder, Long Duration Energy Storage Council Executive Director said: “Joining the Global Renewables Alliance ensures we continue to elevate the importance of long duration energy storage (LDES) as essential in reaching the world’s decarbonization goals. Our global members are committed to advancing the latest technologies to bring multi-hour, multi-day, and seasonal energy storage solutions to markets around the world. LDES projects are here, and collaborating with other renewable energy organizations makes us that much stronger in the race toward net-zero.”

Marit Brommer, International Geothermal Association Executive Director: “The sustainable development of the energy sector is crucial, and we will only achieve this when the renewable family comes together and presents itself as one: to our political leadership, to industry, and to the general public. The IGA is beyond excited to join the Global Renewables Alliance, working towards our common goal of total decarbonisation with renewable energy as THE backbone to sustainable development for all.”