Experiencing Geothermal: For health to Poddębice

Geothermal waters’ recreation in Poland expands. Hydrotherapy and Recreation Center renamed after the revitalization in Poddębice, Łódzkie voivodeship.  This new complex of seven indoor and outdoor pools opened officially on May 1st. First 50-meter-long Olympic swimming pool supplied with thermal water in Poland. The entire facility is not only adapted to the needs of disabled people, but also has elements for the treatment of diseases.

Water in Poddębice is extracted from the sandstone formations of the Lower Cretaceous through the Poddębice GT-2 borehole from the depth of 2101 m. The water temperature measured on the surface is 71 °C, while its total mineralization is 423 mg / l.

The new geothermal complex Poddębice has outdoor and indoor pools equipped with geysers, massagers, artificial wave caves and wild rivers. The water temperature ranges from 30 to 38 °C. The thermal baths are equipped with a sauna zone (dry, steam, infrared), halotherapy rooms, salt cave, rehabilitation part with exercise rooms, massage rooms and doctor’s offices. The total area of the water surface is almost 2,300 m². The investment costed almost PLN 77 million. The contractors for the investment were the Alstal Group and AGB.

  • “For health to Poddębice” it is our slogan, which is not accidental. Thermal water in Poddębice is 27,000 years old and has a bicarbonate-sodium-silica-calcium character – informs Poddębice Mayor Mr. Piotr Sęczkowski.
  • We want to use the advantages of thermal water as much as possible. Water is already used in the production of cosmetics. We cooperate with the Biogened company, whose research confirms that the water from Poddębice has a positive effect on the skin. Further research will be carried out. Long term plans include as well a specialised hospital – announces the Mayor.

It has been known for a long time that bathing in thermal springs is pro-health, and is also an excellent way to relax and regenerate. A bath in the water of Poddębice is beneficial for the body, regardless of age. Water improves circulation, relaxes, and reduces pain in muscles and joints. It has a positive effect on the improvement of the nervous system. Particular health results can be obtained in rehabilitation (after orthopedic injuries) and neurological (in existing muscle contractures) treatment.

Next to the thermal baths, Poddębice hosts first private ZOO in Poland- the Borysew ZOO. The touristic offer expands also into the Garden of Senses with a historic Renaissance palace and the Thermal Water Pump Room, where the mineral water to drink is offered from a depth of 2101 m.

At the same time, a geothermal heating plant managed by the Geotermia Poddębice Ltd. with an installed capacity of 10 MW is operating in the municipality from 2013. It supplies institutional and individual customers with the zero-emission heat.