Geothermal Congress for Latin America & the Caribbean is two weeks away!

We are looking forward to the 8th Geothermal Congress for Latin America & the Caribbean (GEOLAC 2021) – a virtual event organized by New Energy and co-hosted with the Inter-American Development Bank, ESMAP and the World Bank. It takes place on September 8-10, 2021 and we would be happy to see you there!

The IGA sponsored session “Why geothermal energy is the game changer for green hydrogen production” include many panelists. Among them – Marit Brommer, Executive Director of the IGA. In the session participants will hold a multi-part conversation about the potential for geothermal produced hydrogen. Experts will discuss what needs to be done to turn ideas into action.

The second part of this discussion will take place at the World Geothermal Congress on October 24-27th in Iceland.

IGA members can register with 25% discount: newenergyevents.com/geolac/attend. Join us at GEOLAC!

For more information please go to: newenergyevents.com/geolac