Geothermal meets Solar in Sofia

On the 7th and 8th of March 2019, the partners of the GSS-VET project came together for the 5th project meeting at the Technical University in the amazing city of Sofia, Bulgaria. The IGA has been represented by Gregor Rumberg.

The 15 project partner organizations from Bulgaria, Germany, Greece and Spain are well prepared for the final phases of this exciting project, which include international pilot workshops and the “training of the trainers”. An interactive learning platform is almost ready to launch soon and will be a helpful tool to support the education online.

The GSS-VET project combines and promotes Geothermal and Solar Skills in Vocational Education and Training. The training content is focused on technical skills, but also on transversal ones, including entrepreneurship, ICT, interdisciplinary skills and ability to work effectively with people from other disciplines.

40 trainers and 200 workers will directly be trained during the project’s lifetime, and thanks to the involvement of VET providers, sectorial organizations (including an EU umbrella), regional authorities and other associated partners, 2,500 workers will be trained by 2025.

Are you interested in a big opportunity and becoming a trainer or trainee? Please contact for more information.

About GSS-VET: