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“The technology is ripe, and the potential is vast;
now is the time to invest in geothermal energy and
accelerate our journey towards a sustainable future.”

Financing the future of Geothermal

The Global Geothermal Impact Summit 2024 takes on a mission that is critical to our planet’s future: financing geothermal energy. The conversation about geothermal energy often revolves around its technological advancement, ecological benefits, and potential as a renewable resource. However, there’s a dimension that’s equally vital yet often overlooked: the financial aspect.

The role of the Global Geothermal Impact Summit 2024

The Global Geothermal Impact Summit 2024 aims to be the epicenter of this financial conversation. By gathering experts from the geothermal sector, financial institutions, governmental bodies, and impact investors, the GGIS2024 will create a platform for dialogue, collaboration, and strategic planning. Sessions will explore financing models, risk management, public-private partnerships, impact investment, and more.

This focus on finances isn’t just a theme for the summit; it’s a turning point in how we approach geothermal energy. By addressing the financial aspects head-on, the GGIS2024 stands to shift paradigms, forge new partnerships, and pave the way for a global geothermal renaissance.

Join us in this critical endeavour. Your participation, sponsorship, or exhibition at the GGIS2024 is more than a business opportunity; it’s a stand for a sustainable, equitable, and prosperous future.

Why Attend

Financing Geothermal

Explore innovative financing mechanisms and investment strategies in the geothermal sector. Understand the economic viability, return on investments, and risk mitigation strategies in geothermal projects. Our panel of industry experts will delve into case studies, providing valuable insights into the complexities of financing in the geothermal industry.

Impact Investment

In an era where sustainability and social responsibility are becoming significant drivers for investment, learn how geothermal projects can offer lucrative opportunities for impact investors. Understand the social, environmental, and economic impacts of investing in geothermal energy, and how these projects can align with your impact investment goals.


Day 1 (23 April 2024) – Financing Geothermal

Day 2 (24 April 2024) – Impact Investment in Geothermal

A special Thank You to our sponsors!

Main Sponsor

Energie Beheer Nederland is a public energy company. We invest our knowledge, skills and financial resources to help build a sustainable energy system. We are working towards a reliable energy system in which we share the costs and benefits of the transition fairly: an energy system that works for everyone. As a state-owned company we invest in Dutch geothermal projects for direct heat through public-private partnerships.

Silver & Event Sustainability Sponsor

Solenis is a leading global producer of specialty chemicals focused on delivering sustainable solutions for water-intensive industries, including the geothermal power market. Owned by Platinum Equity, the company’s product portfolio includes a broad array of water treatment chemistries, process aids, functional additives, cleaners and disinfectants as well as state-of-the-art monitoring and control systems. These technologies are used by customers to improve operational efficiencies, enhance product quality, protect plant assets, minimize environmental impact, and create cleaner and safer environments.

Silver Sponsor

We are Ennatuurlijk Aardwarmte. We are leaders in geothermal heat and are among the largest geothermal producers in the Netherlands. As a team, we come from all over the world and have very diverse backgrounds. Together we share the same dream: we want to make the unlimited heat from the earth available to the Netherlands and thus accelerate the energy transition.

Special Sponsor

The Hague, being the city of peace and justice, has always had a great track record in the energy industry. It is home to research institutes, trade associations, the government, a wide range of service providers and leading companies. The Hague is a global hub for energy activities, thanks to its proximity to national government agencies, research centers, trade associations, as well as the port of Rotterdam. The region of The Hague is paving the way for sustainable energy, taking meaningful steps in Europe towards a new energy system, as well as the transition readiness of the cities to become zero-carbon areas.

New Energy covers upstream activities, such as power and heat generating industries like (offshore) wind, solar, marine, and geothermal energy, alongside sustainable solutions like green hydrogen and energy storage. The Hague offers a strong and supportive industry landscape for companies to flourish.

Known as ImpactCity, The Hague is a hub for innovation, where over 30,000 individuals come together every day to create a positive change for a better, safer, and more just world.

Merch Sponsor

Since 1987, Steam has been helping developers realize highly sustainable and highly efficient geothermal projects with minimum environmental impact. With projects in over 30 countries since 2015 and an increasing portfolio of training initiatives, Steam is an internationally recognized and dedicated geothermal consultancy.

Steam offers full-spectrum geothermal engineering and consulting, from early geothermal field due diligence, modelling and plant concept design, through exploration and development drilling engineering and supervision, as well as feasibility studies, detailed engineering design, construction supervision and O&M.


Innargi has the mission to decarbonize heat by bringing geothermal heating to millions of homes with expert knowledge from an experienced team of geologists, reservoir-, facility-, and drilling engineers as well as through partnerships with district heating companies and cities. We finance, construct and operate the geothermal facilities and deliver heat as a service to district heating companies.

Special Supporter

Getech is a leading locator of the essential energy and mineral resources vital for the world’s energy transition. Getech’s unique data encompassing the most recent 400 million years of Earth’s evolution, coupled with its geoscience expertise, AI-driven analytics and extensive GIS capabilities, enables the company to provide valuable and actionable insights to support resource discovery and development.

The company understands how geology, infrastructure and demand combine to identify potential sites for geothermal projects. Getech provides global screening studies, techno-economic evaluations and site specific (pre)-feasibility analyses to clients ranging from governments, municipalities and energy companies to consumer goods and computing services companies. The company works with a broad range of technology partners to recommend the most optimal solution for your situation.

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