“The technology is ripe, and the potential is vast; now is the time to invest in geothermal energy and accelerate our journey towards a sustainable future.”

Financing the future of Geothermal

The Global Geothermal Impact Summit 2024 takes on a mission that is critical to our planet’s future: financing geothermal energy. The conversation about geothermal energy often revolves around its technological advancement, ecological benefits, and potential as a renewable resource. However, there’s a dimension that’s equally vital yet often overlooked: the financial aspect.

The role of the Global Geothermal Impact Summit 2024

The Global Geothermal Impact Summit 2024 aims to be the epicenter of this financial conversation. By gathering experts from the geothermal sector, financial institutions, governmental bodies, and impact investors, the GGIS2024 will create a platform for dialogue, collaboration, and strategic planning. Sessions will explore financing models, risk management, public-private partnerships, impact investment, and more.

This focus on finances isn’t just a theme for the summit; it’s a turning point in how we approach geothermal energy. By addressing the financial aspects head-on, the GGIS2024 stands to shift paradigms, forge new partnerships, and pave the way for a global geothermal renaissance.

Join us in this critical endeavour. Your participation, sponsorship, or exhibition at the GGIS2024 is more than a business opportunity; it’s a stand for a sustainable, equitable, and prosperous future.

Why Attend

Financing Geothermal

Explore innovative financing mechanisms and investment strategies in the geothermal sector. Understand the economic viability, return on investments, and risk mitigation strategies in geothermal projects. Our panel of industry experts will delve into case studies, providing valuable insights into the complexities of financing in the geothermal industry.

Impact Investment

In an era where sustainability and social responsibility are becoming significant drivers for investment, learn how geothermal projects can offer lucrative opportunities for impact investors. Understand the social, environmental, and economic impacts of investing in geothermal energy, and how these projects can align with your impact investment goals.

Geothermal Applications

The versatility of geothermal energy is what sets it apart from other renewable energy sources. This segment will highlight various applications of geothermal energy, from electricity generation to direct-use applications like heating and cooling. Learn about the latest technologies, innovative applications, and trends shaping the future of the geothermal industry.


At a Glance

Time22 April 202423 April 2024
Summit Day 1
24 April 2024
Summit Day 2
25 April 2024
MorningSessions & WorkshopsSessions & WorkshopsField Trip
AfternoonField TripSessions & WorkshopsSessions & WorkshopsField Trip
EveningWelcome ReceptionNetworking PartyAftershow Sundowner

Day 1 (23 April 2024) – Financing Geothermal

Opening Session / Keynote

Kick off the summit with a powerful keynote that sets the tone for the day, focusing on the current state and future potential of geothermal financing and impact investment.

Global Perspectives on Geothermal: Uniting Finance and Innovation

This session offers a global perspective on the geothermal sector, uniting financial expertise and innovative approaches. Featuring insights from leaders at the Climate Finance for Development Accelerator (CFDA), Deep Energy Capital, and Virya Energy, the discussion will highlight the synergies between technological advancements and financial strategies in driving the geothermal industry forward.

Overcoming Early Stage Risk

Explore the evolving dynamics of geothermal financing with insights from GRMF Africa, the Boston Consulting Group, EBN, and NW Assekuranz. This session will delve into the strategies and trends to overcome the early stage risk in Geothermal projects.

New Frontiers in Geothermal Energy: Adding Value to Geothermal Finance

Discover innovative approaches to geothermal energy with Eavor, Vulcan Energy, SAGE Geosystems, and XGS Energy (t.b.c.). This session will highlight how new technologies and business models are adding value and transforming the geothermal finance landscape.

Financing Mechanisms in Geothermal

A deep dive into the concrete opportunities that geothermal project finance is offering for the green energy investment community. From Carbon & SDG credits to green bonds this session will feature insights from Reykjavik Energy, Sanko Enerji, Exergy, and Pertamina (t.b.c.).

Special Sessions:

  • The EU Geothermal Strategy
  • Connecting Geothermal Impact in Iberoamerica
  • Developing Effective Proposals for Geothermal Financing

Goal of Day 1:

To advocate for a global risk mitigation fund, promote harmonization in the sector, emphasize the importance of project finance, and create a stronger demand for geothermal energy.

Day 2 (24 April 2024) – Impact Investment in Geothermal

Opening Session / Keynote

Begin the day with an inspiring keynote that frames the importance of impact investment in advancing geothermal energy.

Triple Up Finance

A session with the Global Renewables Alliance and the European Climate Foundation (t.b.c.). Further session details t.b.a. soon.

Exploring Dedicated Geothermal Funding Mechanisms

Illumination of the need for deep finance expertise in geothermal. Session details t.b.a. soon.

Scaling Up to Accelerate the Geothermal Revolution: Financing the Energy Transition

This session is a pivotal discussion on accelerating and scaling up investments in geothermal energy, crucial for a successful energy transition. With insights from the World Bank, GeothermEx (t.b.c.), the Iceland Energy Cluster, and a blend of experienced and emerging initiatives including geothermal technologies and applications, we’ll explore innovative strategies to boost investment in geothermal energy.

Climate Neutral Cities

Representatives from Den Haag, Poznan, Berlin, Aarhus, and Vienna discuss their journey towards becoming climate-neutral cities and the role of geothermal energy in achieving this goal.

Closing Session with Closing Remarks and CTA

A wrap-up of the day’s discussions, summarizing key takeaways, closing remarks, and a call to action to drive forward the agenda of impact investment in geothermal energy.

Special Sessions:

  • The Indonesian Mini Summit
  • GSAP / Sustainability

Goal of Day 2:

To advocate for the establishment of a Global Impact Fund dedicated to advancing geothermal energy projects worldwide, emphasizing the role of impact investment in driving sustainable and equitable energy solutions.

Confirmed Speakers

more speakers to be confirmed soon!

A special Thank You to our main sponsor!

Energie Beheer Nederland is a public energy company. We invest our knowledge, skills and financial resources to help build a sustainable energy system. We are working towards a reliable energy system in which we share the costs and benefits of the transition fairly: an energy system that works for everyone. As a state-owned company we invest in Dutch geothermal projects for direct heat through public-private partnerships.

Sponsorship Opportunities

For organizations looking to showcase their commitment to sustainability, innovation, and the geothermal industry, sponsorship opportunities are available. Download our latest Sponsorship & exhibition Brochure and contact our dedicated sponsorship team at sponsors@ggs2024.com for more information on how your organization can become a valued sponsor of the Global Geothermal Summit 2024.

Together, let’s shape the future of financing in geothermal and pave the way for a sustainable energy revolution!



The GGIS2024 will be held at the Fokker Terminal in The Hague, The Netherlands.

The Fokker Terminal is a monumental and inspiring industrial building. The heart of the building is an impressive 9 meter high airplane hangar, spanning 35 meters wide and 68 meters long. This hangar was used by students to study airplane mechanics on real airplanes. What makes the Fokker Terminal a unique conference location are the 18 different breakout rooms that are all located around the hangar. The Fokker Terminal makes it possible to organize a conference in an unusual, industrial, and inspiring environment. The venue has 400 parking spaces on site and is easily accessible with public transport.

About the Fokker Terminal: https://fokkerterminal.nl/en/

Travel Information

1.1 By Public Transportation:

  • Location: Schiphol Airport Train Station, located beneath Schiphol Plaza.
  • Frequency: Trains to The Hague Central Station (Den Haag Centraal) depart every 10 minutes from platforms 5 or 6.
  • Journey Time: Approximately 27 to 48 minutes.
  • Fare: Around €10 each way.
  • Tickets: Available at yellow NS machines at Schiphol Plaza or online at ns.nl/en.
  • Planning: For detailed travel information, visit ns.nl/en or 9292.nl/en. Search criteria: ‘from: Schiphol Airport’ to ‘Den Haag Centraal’.

1.2 By Taxi:

  • Location: Official taxi rank in front of Schiphol Plaza.
  • Journey Time: Approximately 30 to 45 minutes.
  • Fare: Around €90 to €120.

2.1 By Public Transportation:

  • Starting Point: “Bushalte Centraal Station Busplatform” (1-minute walk from the station).
  • Bus: Number 28 towards Station Voorburg, platform O.
  • Stop: Zonweg (3-minute walk to Fokker Terminal).
  • Fare: Approximately €1.50 to €2.00 for a round trip.

2.2 By Taxi:

  • Journey Time: Approximately 6 minutes.
  • Fare: Around €11.

2.3 Shuttle Service:

  • Details: To be announced. We aim to offer a convenient shuttle service for our guests.

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