International Geothermal Association


Geothermal is the natural heat of the Earth. The temperature at the Earth’s centre is estimated to be 5,500oC – almost as hot as the surface of the Sun. This heat is derived from the original formation of the planet and from the decay of the radioactive elements in the Earth’s crust. It is transferred to the subsurface by conduction and convection. [read more…]

The IGA aims at being the leading world authority in matters concerning the research and development of geothermal energy by setting educational standards and offering worldwide energy solutions and in-house technical support, with special support for countries in early stages of geothermal development. [read more…]

IGA has a vibrant and creative team. It is governed by the Board of Directors, 30 in total.

The Board of Directors is divided into eight permanent committees, though other functional committees may exist from time to time. Board Members meet at regular intervals and hold Annual General Meetings. The IGA Secretariat supports the Board of Directors with their activities and runs the day-to-day business. [read more…]

IGA Geothermal databases provide you with the world geothermal data:

Use the Geothermal Paper Database to find articles, papers, reviews, proceedings, journal entries and other useful documents that varies in topic and area of research.

Explore the Geothermal Power Database and get access to country statistics, geothermal maps and global geothermal data. It is updated at the end of each year.