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IGA on Geothermal Data Collection

The geothermal data is quite fragmented not only within different international energy entities but also within the industry sector itself. This results in misrepresentation of the geothermal energy sector within international energy reports and contributes to confusion between geothermal industry players.

To address this challenge, since January 2021, the International Geothermal Association has started to build a framework on geothermal data collection methods and standards. This work is led by the IGA Education and Information Committee with the goal to support the process of collecting, storing, and sharing coherent geothermal data.

As an outcome, each group will deliver updated datasets for both power and heat to be used as standards for the IGA data collection. These standards will be used for customized questionnaires for the World Geothermal Congresses Country Updates and proposed for reference to other organizations.

The first round of revisions will be finalized prior the WGC 2020+1 in Reykjavik, Iceland and implemented fully by WGC2023 in Beijing, China.