IGA Welcomes new corporate club member – TGS

Our global network of geothermal leaders keeps on growing! We are delighted to welcome TGS as our new corporate club member.

TGS offers a wide range of energy data to meet the industry where it’s at and where it’s headed. Their vast collection of global energy resource data will enable you to make the best investment decisions.

We are pleased to join the IGA community and to enable further understanding of geothermal energy potential around the world with our data and insight. We are excited to be leveraging our core strengths to help shape the future of energy.”

Ms Katja Akentieva, Vice President, New Energy Solutions at TGS

Using innovative imaging and machine learning solutions, coupled with robust data-driven analysis, TGS creates unique, actionable insights from raw energy data. These insights can reduce risks and enable a more detailed understanding of natural resource investments.

In the coming decade we will see the geothermal sector scale up to a mature energy provider that is able to offer a cost-effective, clean, baseload supply to its customers. Derisking the subsurface through excellent data collection, interpretation and visualisation is paramount. I am delighted to see TGS joining us as corporate member and we look forward to our collaboration very much”

Dr Marit Brommer, the Executive Director of the IGA 

Learn more about the various types of data TGS offers worldwide: www.tgs.com.