Interview with Mr. Sylvain Broglé, New IGA President 2023-2026

IGA-Team: Congratulations for being elected as the new president of the IGA! How does it feel to take on this leadership role at such a crucial time?

Mr. Broglé: Thank you. I am humbled and honoured to have received the unanimous support of my board colleagues, and I am willing to take on the leadership position as president of the IGA. It is indeed a crucial time for us to adapt our business approach and carry out our mission to ensure global growth for geothermal energy.

IGA-Team: As the world faces challenges such as climate change, fluctuating energy prices, and socioeconomic impacts from the pandemic, how do you plan to address these issues and accelerate renewable energy development?

Mr. Broglé: We must redouble our international efforts and accelerate our renewable energy development program deployment to catch up with the energy transition targets. The IGA has a major role to play in reaching our zero-carbon target by 2050.

IGA-Team: As the new president, what are your plans for strengthening the work on the ground?

Mr. Broglé: I appointed five Board Directors as Vice-President who will work with me and the Executive team on building a strong local presence in five different regions: EU, LAC, North America, APAC, Middle East. Furthermore, I assigned general delegates for China and Africa.

IGA-Team: How do you envision the IGA’s expertise, authority, and best practices in the field of geothermal energy?

Mr. Broglé: The IGA needs to be known for its expertise, authority, and best practices and standards on all matters geothermal. Our board directors therefore will specifically contribute towards the following topics and themes:

  • Global Communication and Advocacy for Geothermal Energy
  • Financing Geothermal
  • Global geothermal and sustainability
  • Standards and Best Practices (Resources, Technology, Risk, Policy)
  • UNFC
  • Oil & Gas Collaboration / Global geothermal applications
  • Learning and Development: Building a Global Training Curriculum

IGA-Team: What are your thoughts on diversity, equity, and inclusion within the IGA?

Mr. Broglé: I will integrally support IGA and encourage improving diversity, equity, and inclusion. I am excited about this opportunity and very motivated to work with the Executive team in The Hague. I have space in my agenda and supporting means to carry out my mission, to deliver on the promises of building a strong group with local and international knowledge and shaping our international ambitions and global reach.

IGA-Team: Thank you for sharing your vision and plans for the IGA, Mr. Broglé. We wish you the best of luck in your new role and look forward to working with you and jointly growing the geothermal energy sector under your leadership.

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