New special issue in “Geothermal Energy “(GEEN): Tracers in Deep Geothermal Systems

Call for papers: Tracers in Deep Geothermal Systems

Contributions are now being accepted. This special issue addresses tracer investigations in geothermal systems to characterize the critical properties of geothermal reservoirs. Contributions may address new tracers or tracer test methods, and may involve single-well to multi-well tests with conservative and reactive tracers, novel tracer substances – like temperature tracing compounds and particle tracers – and environmental tracers. As tracer tests in such settings sometimes produce “strange” results and may even fail because the hydrogeological setting differs from expectations, papers addressing the reasons for anomalous results are equally welcome. Contributions utilizing chemical composition and isotope signatures to describe regional flow paths and influx from overlying and underlying strata are also sought to complement the inter-well tracer tests.

Submissions may include but are not restricted to the following topics: single-well tracer tests, multi-well tracer tests, thermal tracers, isotope tracers, thermal breakthrough, and heat exchange in reservoirs.

Guest Editors:

  •     Thomas Baumann, Technical University of Munich, Germany
  •     Mitchell Plummer, Idaho National Laboratory, USA
  •     Simone Regenspurg, Helmholtz Centre Potsdam – GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences, Germany

For further details, please see the special issue website (