Renewable Energy SMEs in the Race to Zero

In collaboration with the COP26 Climate Champions team and SME Climate Hub, a group of renewable industry associations (Global Wind Energy Council, Global Solar Council, International Geothermal Association and International Hydropower Association) is supporting renewable small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to join the UN Race to Zero campaign!

The SME Climate Hub, an initiative of the International Chamber of Commerce, the Exponential Roadmap Initiative, the We Mean Business coalition and the UN Race to Zero campaign, is a pioneering platform that aims to streamline the path for SMEs to become climate-resilient businesses and help green solutions get to market.

The SME Climate Hub will allow your small business to:

  • Make an internationally recognised climate commitment that meets the UN net zero criteria;
  • Access practical tools and resources to help you future-proof your business; and
  • Benefit from incentives with commercial value.

Who should join this workshop?

  • SMEs of less than 500 employees globally in the wind, solar and renewables sector
  • SMEs interested in making a net-zero commitment, and seeking further resources and support
  • SMEs intent on making a net-zero commitment, and seeking to maximise visibility and
    communications opportunities

Please register here by Monday 17 May 2021. We are looking forward to engaging with you at this workshop in May, and accelerating the Race to Zero as a renewables sector.