Introducing Dr. Horst Kreuter at GGIS2024: Pioneering Geothermal Finance

We’re thrilled to announce Dr. Horst Kreuter from Vulcan Energy Resources Deutschland, a renowned expert in geothermal energy, as a speaker in the session “New Frontiers in Geothermal Energy: Adding Value to Geothermal Finance” at the Global Geothermal Impact Summit 2024.

Dr. Kreuter, with his rich background in geothermal project development and financing at Vulcan Energy, brings to the summit a wealth of expertise in advancing sustainable geothermal solutions. His session will explore cutting-edge financial strategies that are transforming the geothermal sector, highlighting Vulcan Energy’s innovative approach in this realm.

Join us to hear Dr. Kreuter share his insights on the evolving landscape of geothermal finance, and the potential for new and impactful investment opportunities in the field.

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