Speaker Announcement for GGIS2024: Maria Cristina Higuera Cardozo, Geothermal Legal Expert

We are excited to welcome Maria Cristina Higuera Cardozo, a distinguished lawyer specializing in Geothermal Regulatory Affairs, as a speaker at the Global Geothermal Impact Summit 2024.

Bridging Legal Expertise and Geothermal Development
Maria brings a wealth of experience from her former role at the Ministry of Mines & Energy in Colombia. Her extensive knowledge in legal aspects, including SDGs, energy transition, and public policy in the oil & gas industry, makes her an invaluable asset to our summit. Her expertise extends to contract law, regulatory affairs, and empowering women and rural populations.

Facilitating Inclusive Global Dialogue
Maria’s role at the summit extends beyond her expertise in legal and regulatory aspects of geothermal energy. She will be part of a team of connectors facilitating sessions for the Spanish-speaking community, helping to bridge language barriers and foster inclusive, global discussions. Her involvement is crucial in ensuring diverse perspectives are represented and integrated into the dialogue on geothermal development.

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April 23 & 24, 2024 | The Hague, Netherlands

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