Support our Young Talents: Geothermal Exploration Questionnaire

Dear Geothermal Community,

Our Geothermal Young Talents require your help. Today, we kindly ask you for your support for Javiera Chocobar, Master student in Geothermal Systems at the Hochschule Bochum (HSB), Germany and invite you to take a questionnaire, available at the following link:

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Thank you for your support!

My master’s thesis focuses on determining the social aspects of geothermal exploration considered within the Plays-based geothermal exploration method proposed by Moeck et. al., (2019). This method of geothermal exploration is adapted from the oil and gas industry and is structured as follows: First, it considers that the geothermal resource assessment process begins at the geosystem scale from what is called the “basin approach”. It then follows the “Plays approach” at the regional level and ends with the “prospect approach” at the local level. Finally, all these approaches (or steps) are organized in a sequence that is represented by two inverted pyramids (Moeck et. al., 2020).

My master’s thesis will focus on determining the factors that must be considered in each dimension of the socio-economic-technical approach. For this reason, I am sharing a questionnaire with you. It will enable me to gather important information, which you will be able to provide me with as an expert in the field and thus achieve the objective of establishing the technical and socioeconomic factors in geothermal exploration based on plays.

Javiera Chocobar