WING Battle of the Bands at WGC 2020

Calling All Geothermal Musicians And Music Lovers: Prepare yourselves for the WING Battle of the Bands at WGC 2020

WING members Atli Björn Þorbjörnsson and Ann Robertson-Tait invite you to show off your musical talents at the WING Battle of the Bands, which will be held at on Thursday evening (30 April 2020) in Reykjavik.  We know that there are many geothermal people who are into music and like to perform.  Therefore, we humbly request that you


Because we know it’s difficult to travel with lots of music gear, Atli came up with some great ideas to simplify the process and maximize participation.  Atli and his band Black Box will organize and provide the following to make it easier for you to join the fun:

  • A great venue for this momentous event (Atli is evaluating 3 options at the moment)
  • Amplifiers for guitars, keyboards etc.
  • Instruments that you can “borrow” (temporarily), including guitars, basses, keyboards and drums
  • Mic stands and microphones
  • Black Box, which will be the “house band” for this event
  • Volunteering all or part of Black Box to support your performance – for example:
    • If you are a singer, just bring yourself and your mic (or use one of Atli’s)
    • If you have some instruments but not all, Black Box can fill the gaps
    • If you just play one instrument, you can sub yourself into Black Box

Let’s maximize the number of people and bands that get up on stage and ROCK THE HOUSE! There is no requirement to ONLY play rock music – we welcome all musical styles – just DO YOUR THING, whatever it is!

Here are your next steps:

  • Rehearse – Either on your own or together with your musical friends/band members, get some tunes together and decide what you’d like to perform.
  • Ask for what you need – Don’t be shy – tell Atli what support you need (gear, musicians, etc.) and what songs you’d like to play so Black Box can be ready for your performance.
  • Spread the word – We are expecting maximum fun at this event, so the more the merrier!
  • Prepare to dance – We are certain that you will want to kick up your heels after 4 days of technical sessions and networking, so bring your dancing shoes!
  • Contact us today – We are here to answer your questions: |


Registration will open in January 2020