WING leadership has just flown back to the United States

After vetting bids from various countries to be the next Global WING Team, previous Global Chair Andy Blair said “I am excited to hand over the chair of the organization for the next 3 years to an energetic and talented group of women and men in the United States.”  

The new US-based WING Global team is busy preparing the new roadmap, setting objectives for the organization during their 3-year tenure, which will conclude at the World Geothermal Congress in China (planned for 2023).  While continuing to focus on connecting its members and increasing WING’s membership and visibility, the updated roadmap includes initiatives to mobilize more members to actively participate in WING opportunities, ensuring that WING is a sustainable force into the future. “It has been inspiring to plan the next era of WING,” says Ann Robertson-Tait, the new WING Global Chair.  “We have been working closely with the New Zealand team to define the future path of the organization.  WING has come a long way in the short time since its formation, and we have developed exciting plans for its future!”  

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