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Geothermie-Schweiz is the umbrella organisation for geothermal energy stakeholders in Switzerland that provides information and advice to the general public, authorities, and the media;

is committed to ensuring geothermal energy is recognised as an environmentally friendly, indigenous and reliable source of energy, and as an important pillar in Switzerland for producing heat and electricity and for cooling. It adopts a range of projects to proactively support the application of different forms of geothermal energy with a view to replacing fossil fuels, reducing CO2 emissions, and producing electricity.

It is committed to transparency, openness, dialogue and quality in all its activities; works positively towards ensuring that politics, the scientific community, energy suppliers and the general public support and promote geothermal energy.

It also offers a platform for the national and international exchange of information; functions as a competence centre to provide expertise in PR work, finance and technology; creates projects for the education and training of association members and of other interested parties.