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The Italian Geothermal Union (UGI), founded in 2001, is the main independent, non-governmental, non-political, non-profit geothermal organization in Italy. UGI headquarters is located in Pisa (Tuscany), near to the Larderello geothermal field, where the first geothermal power plant started operation in 1914. Today, Italy is one of the main geothermal countries worldwide and the first one in Europe for electrical power installed capacity and production. Furthermore, Larderello geothermal field is the second largest dry steam facility in the world.

Main activities concern:

  • data collection and statistics production about the current status of the geothermal energy in Italy and worldwide;
  • report of development programs of geothermal energy in Italy and worldwide;
  • dissemination of information regarding the features and the possible applications of geothermal energy in order to make aware the public opinion on the advantages of this national energy source;
  • information and data sharing with authorities, companies, professional associations, organizations and institutions that operates in the geothermal sector in Italy and worldwide;
  • contact with national and regional government, local authorities and Europe Union in order to spread information on the geothermal potential of Italy and to promote the research activities and pilot projects;