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THE HAGUE, 3rd July 2023 – The newly appointed Board of Directors for the International Geothermal Association (IGA) convened for their inaugural meeting on 29-30 June 2023, in Paris, France. The Board discussed critical strategies and steps necessary to further elevate geothermal energy as a dominant force within the renewable energy sector and position IGA as the paramount authority on geothermal energy. During the intense two-day meeting, we witnessed a blend of both controverse and productive dialogues, a testament to the Board’s commitment to robust, critical thinking and diverse perspectives. The goal remains to ensure the sustainable growth of geothermal energy while addressing the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

The President appointed 5 Vice Presidents and 1 delegate to look after the following regions:

  • Patrick Hanson – VP America and Caribbean
  • Elizabeth Henriquez – VP Latin America
  • Solrun Kristjansdottir – VP Europe
  • Sedef Karagoz – VP Middle East
  • Graeme Beardsmore – VP Asian Pacific
  • Liu Jiurong- Delegate China

Sylvain Broglé will act as delegate Africa ad interim until further notice.

In addition, Dr Marit Brommer is appointed by the full Board as Chief Executive Officer of the IGA for the coming 3 years.

Sylvain Broglé, President of the IGA says: “This meeting marks the beginning of a new era: by appointing these qualified volunteer board members and a chief executive officer at the headquarter, we can start to put the action in place. Climate change is not waiting and is calling for unified, global action. We are ready to show the world why geothermal energy has the key features in place for a clean, green, sustainable energy future and unlock the investment needed to explore, drill and unleash this vast resource.”

Dr. Marit Brommer, CEO of the IGA says: “I am honoured and humbled to be appointed as Chief Executive Officer for the upcoming board term and serve the organisation, our members, partners and our stakeholders across the globe with dedication and commitment to achieve our goal: ensuring global geothermal growth. Together we are delivering the future of green energy by promoting our benefits, generating measurable impact, and amplifying our actions through our skilled workforce. I can´t wait to start!”

Furthermore, the IGA has now initiated four task forces to drive global impact:

  • Geothermal Training, Qualification and Certification led by Dr Ninik Suryantini
  • Geothermal Standards and best Practices led by Ms Adele Manzella
  • Geothermal Sustainability led by Mr Bjarni Pálsson.
  • Oil & Gas Collaboration led by Dr Marit Brommer

Geothermal heating makes 1 million households happy

The Board also took the opportunity to visit the district heating network in Cachan, operated by DALKIA. The informative tour shed light on the impressive geothermal energy operations in the Parisian region, notably:

  • Over 50 geothermal doublets in operation across Ile de France
  • Extensive supply to the needs of district heating networks, providing heating in winter and hot water round the year
  • Satisfaction of hot water and heating needs for over a million residents through geothermal energy. These notable statistics underscore the potential of geothermal energy as a reliable, sustainable energy source, contributing to the de-carbonization of the heating sector, and thereby mitigating climate change.

The IGA Board extends its deepest gratitude to the Association Française des Professionnels en Géothermie (AFPG) for their warm hospitality throughout the meeting.

Looking forward, the Board is set to reconvene at the World Geothermal Congress (WGC2023) in Beijing, China, a global platform that celebrates advancements and promotes collaboration in the geothermal industry. The WGC2023 is scheduled between 14 -23 September, more information can be found here

Media contact on behalf of the IGA:

Dr Marit Brommer
Executive Director
International Geothermal Association

About the IGA:

The International Geothermal Association (IGA), is the leading global industry association focused on the promotion of sustainable geothermal energy as one of the key solutions for reducing the adverse effects of global warming. We generate impact through training, networking and facilitating project development in emerging markets. Our vision is to contribute to a world where people have access to affordable green energy 24/7.