Recordings of Facts for Future Webinars Now Available!

Dive Into the World of Geothermal Energy Data

Great news for our community! The recordings of our insightful “Facts for Future” webinar series are now available for everyone. Whether you missed the live sessions or wish to revisit the engaging discussions, you can now access them on our YouTube channel.

Series Highlights

The “Facts for Future” series featured:

  • Session 1: Navigating Geothermal Data on the Road to COP28 Marit Brommer led an engaging session, setting the stage for the series and discussing the path to COP28 with a focus on geothermal data.
  • Geothermal Heating & Cooling Data: Adele Manzella delved deep into the latest data and trends in the geothermal heating and cooling sector.
  • Geothermal Power Generation: Luis Gutierrez-Negrin provided expert insights into the state and future prospects of geothermal power generation.

Access the Recordings

Catch up on these invaluable sessions at the following links:

We encourage you to watch, learn, and share these recordings. Let’s amplify the conversation around geothermal energy and its pivotal role in sustainable development.

Keep an eye on our channels for more updates and exciting webinars ahead.