Thank you for joining us in Abu Dhabi!

23. January 2023/by Gregor

Happy New Lunar Year!

22. January 2023/by Gregor

Special offer: Get your free copy of the Geothermal Exploration book!

10. January 2023/by Gregor

Global data standards: the new geothermal industry target

9. January 2023/by IGA Team

The IGA is wishing you Happy Holidays!

21. December 2022/by Gregor

A glimpse on the agenda: Geothermal Drilling – blending oil & gas technology with geothermal know-how

7. December 2022/by Gregor

Call for Nominations for the International Geothermal Association (IGA) Board

1. December 2022/by Gregor

Registration open now: Geothermal Drilling – blending oil & gas technology with geothermal know-how

16. November 2022/by Gregor

Clean Energy Industries Form Alliance to Address Climate Emergency and Drive Sustainable Development

15. November 2022/by Gregor

Spotlight on South Africa: An update on research into geothermal energy

8. November 2022/by Gregor

San Salvador Declaration: Geothermal driving the energy transition for fostering sustainable development & climate action

8. November 2022/by Gregor

IGA News October 2022

7. November 2022/by Gregor

Get tomorrow’s knowledge today: New IGA workshops announced

3. November 2022/by Gregor

World Geothermal Congress 2023: new dates announced

31. October 2022/by Gregor

Accelerating the development of Geothermal in Turkey: The Türkiye Geothermal Conference 2022 starts soon!

23. October 2022/by Gregor

WGC2026: Request for Proposals – Submission deadline extended

18. October 2022/by Gregor

IGA News September 2022

7. October 2022/by Gregor